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    Their drawbacks are that they’re only good for small reservoirs; you may need to drill holes in your reservoir to mount them, if you’re unable to suspend them from above; and the temperature controllers for these units are sold separately.
    An extract is derived when the plant material is soaked in a substance such as water, alcohol or other liquid for long periods of time so that its flavor, aroma or medicinal properties, infuses into the liquid. The plant material is then strained off, leaving behind the concentrated extract. An extract can also be in form of a herb that is dried and ground to powder. Some of the different types of extracts are listed below:
    Sticky weed is the cream of the crop, the best of the best, and you’ll likely see, hear, and feel things you’ve never experienced before with dry weed. So give it a go.

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    Autoflowering cannabis plants grow rapidly as they do not require a change in light to commence flowering. High-stress training methods can cause problems for autoflowering strains as their two-to-three month life cycle leaves little time to recover from damage. Low-stress training methods, however, represent an ideal way to manipulate autoflowering plants and maximize their yield. Let’s take a look at this wonderful strain and learn about its genetics, its effects and maybe, if you’re skilled enough, how to grow it yourself.

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